Capall Bán 2018

The vineyard containing the Sauvignon Blanc clones SB 316 & SB 317 of Bordeaux origin, ripen the grapes ready for harvest on average about one to two weeks before the Semillon vineyard. The Sauvignon Blanc SB 316/317 normally comes in around the third to last week of February and the Semillon during the first week of March. Both the Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc are handpicked into small crates. The grapes are then chilled to 3°C. The grape bunches are sorted on a conveyor, destemmed, and crushed. All transfers of grape must and juice in these early stages are attained using gravity.

67% Semillon, 33% Sauvignon Blanc, Alc. 14.0%, Acidity 6.9g/l, pH 3.10, Residual Sugar 1.8g/l, Clones SEM GDI, SB 316, 317.


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