The cool climate at Shannon Vineyards is symbolised by the cold morning mist rising from the fresh water of the Peninsula Dam

Our Story

We have symbolised the river mist in our logo. Together with the surrounding mountains, one of the other great geographical influences on Shannon Vineyard’s meso-climate is the Palmiet River which forms the eastern boundary of the property. The Palmiet River starts high up in the surrounding mountain ranges. During the night, the cold air that is generated up at the mountain peaks drains down to the vineyards below shrouding them in a blanket of mist.

The cold morning mist drifting past epitomises the cool climate of Shannon Vineyards. The Palmiet River and its early morning mist are captured on our Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir wine labels honouring its contribution to our unique terroir.

James Downes and Kevin Watt
James and Stuart Downes
James and Gordon Newton Johnson

Wines of elegance & finesse

At Shannon Vineyards, our focus on viticulture principles reflects our commitment to winemaking as an expression of terroir. Making fine wines is our ongoing aspiration, and to that end we have assembled a talented team who share our passion. Our grapes come from exceptional mountain hillside vineyards above the banks of the Peninsula Dam, on the Palmiet River in the Elgin Valley. These unique vineyard sites, combined with the highly experienced viticultural team of Kevin Watt and James Downes, and a winemaking philosophy of minimal intervention followed by the winemakers Gordon Newton Johnson and Nadia Newton Johnson, produce wines with distinctive personalities. Each wine has a sense of place. They are seductive and memorable for their complexity, structure, and elegance.

Sustainable Wine Farming

Shannon Vineyards is a premium, boutique wine farm situated in the Elgin Valley in the Western Cape of South Africa. Our focus on viticultural principals reflects our commitment to producing wine that is an expression of our unique terroir. Our vineyard team can not only influence what fills our wine glasses but also the quality of product the land can produce when treated properly. We are committed to sustainable winemaking practices, and we pursue long term conservation commitments. We have 10 hectares under vine at Shannon Vineyards and we strive to maintain the optimal habitat to safeguard the species that share this land with us. We are thinking ahead for the next generation, grooming the terroir, and maintaining the balance and equilibrium to protect the environment and ensure ethical

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